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John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky 11/17/24

John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky 11/17/24
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“Listening to John Gorka sing, one can get goose bumps all over. There are many reasons: fresh lyrics, a stunning emotional baritone, and his twisted humor.” -- New York Times

“New York songwriter Lucy Kaplansky is becoming the troubadour laureate of modern folk.”  -- The Boston Globe

John Gorka flies below the pop culture radar with an almost cult-like following that never fails to fill concerts. Speak with any of his fans and one instantly feels their enthusiasm and genuine affection. His shy, almost self-effacing stage presence rightfully focuses attention on the songs. His versatility on guitar and piano keeps his sets musically interesting, while his rich baritone effortlessly executes his bidding. And he’s never short of the sly comment or clever joke that invariably ignites his audience.

With his uncanny ability to work every nuance of language, capturing a wide array of topics and experiences woven into memorable melodies, John Gorka’s career continues to prosper.

There seems to be a trend lately of singer-songwriters turning their focus toward nature. While the natural world has always provided plenty of fodder for well-considered metaphors, it’s worth noting that this year, particularly, has been full of great songwriting about nature’s little efforts at balance. 
The latest remarkable record in this thread is Lucy Kaplansky’s Everyday Street.

Kaplansky, who also has a PhD in clinical psychology, has a well-honed gift for making sense of the everyday, mundane details of life (“February morning, the news was on,” she sings in “Keeping Time”). Somehow when she sings these little notes, life’s apparently disparate dots connect, and we get an image that is equal parts heartbreaking, hopeful, and chock full of humanity.



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