Peter Mulvey - 2/1/20


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I think of Peter Mulvey as the very first Peterborough Folk Music musician. I was given Peter's subway tape. It was such good work and a voice to match. I invited him to open for Dar Williams on Jan. 10, 1996 at the Peterborough UU Church, our first concert.

I have enjoyed presenting Peter over the years, being a part of and watching him build his career. He is a thoughtful and brilliant writer and instrumentalist.

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Joe Crookston




“At every festival I hope to find the gift of one artist whose songwriting and performance stand out. Joe Crookston was that gift for me this year at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Stunning performance, great songs, and not a word wasted!  I LOVE That!”

David Francey – Songwriter  Ontario

Best quote~  “I hate folk music, but I absolutely LOVE Joe Crookston’s music.!”

Seth Glier - 9/14/19



“this material sounds like nothing if not classics in waiting…it’s the essence of perfection” – BLURT Magazine

“this young blood wields an old-soul air…Discover a new generation of great with Seth Glier’s ‘The Next Right Thing'” – Huffington Post

Seth Glier’s new album Birds is steeped in conflict and contradictions. There’s grief and loss, but also strength and resilience; doubt and dismay, but also a sense of optimism as Glier confronts heavy topics and wrestles them into the daylight.

Much more:

Tracy Grammer with Jim Henry


“Tracy Grammer is a brilliant artist and unique individual. Her voice is distinctive, as is her mastery over the instruments she plays.” 
  - Joan Baez
“Her pure voice conveys the simple truths of these songs; her gifts as a musician are like that of a painter who is a master of chiaroscuro, offering light and shadow at every turn.... A treasured part of my music collection.“ 

John Gorka


“The one instrument approach and the variety of music I play even calms me down,” says Gorka. “I see my music as a refuge. I see it as a place where people can relax, take in the lyrics and I see it as a way for me to share that refuge.”

Brian D’Ambrosio, “Music as Refuge: The Life of John Gorka”