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Peterborough Folk Music is truly an all volunteer operation and the work of the board is very aptly augmented by the cadre of volunteers. The execution of the performances would be next to impossible without them! We average four to six volunteers per performance, based on the estimated size of the audience and the venue. We really appreciate our volunteers. These are very important tasks that help everything to run professionally and smoothly. If you have signed up but are not receiving our emails,  please contact us immediately and we will add you to the very important volunteer email list.

At the Peterborough Players:

Parking & Clean-up — Arrive 15 minutes before the doors open time for instructions on the parking configuration. Park until a few minutes before the show is to begin. Stay afterwards and help clean up the assigned areas. We will provide you with that assignment when you arrive.

Baking — Bakers are asked to bake 3 dozen of an item. IE: types of brownies, cookies, cakes, or something easy to eat without too many crumbs. You are expected to arrive with your home baked goods, 30 minutes before the doors open time and help set up the kitchen. The main task at the concert is selling refreshments before the concert, during intermission and helping to clean up after intermission. Then you are free to go back to the concert.

At Bass Hall - Only Baking is needed and follow the same steps as above.

If you are interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Yvonne Gifford.

Other volunteer opportunities: We do occasionally have other volunteer opportunities. We also have some very specific needs on our board. If you might be interested in being a possible board member, please contact Deb McWethy.

Thank you to all.