is Charlie Rose, Zachariah Hickman, Mark Erelli, Taylor Armerding & Jake Armerding. 

★ Barnstar! usually plays a mere handful of shows each year, as its members are busy juggling acclaimed singer/songwriter careers as well as sideman gigs with artists like Josh Ritter, Lori McKenna, Jonathan Edwards, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Red Molly and many others. PFMS is proud to be one of a handful of venues to present Barnstar.

★ Barnstar! makes bluegrass for people who hate bluegrass. This ain’t your daddy’s bluegrass. Except in the case of Jake Armerding…his dad is in the band.

Ultimately, Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out! is most compelling as a showcase of the combined virtues of innocence and experience. Each of the group’s members is a multi-instrumentalist, but with each member limiting himself to his native instrument they can make a song roar and soar, or whisper and lilt with equal intensity. Though collectively they share over 80 years of professional experience, it is exciting to hear a group of seasoned musicians coming to a new project as equals, sharing lead vocal duties and switching harmony registers to cover whatever part is needed.

Up until now, the members of Barnstar! may have been best known by the company they keep as sidemen and accompanists. But in short order, Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out! could very well turn the narrative upside down: suddenly, it’s Barnstar! that becomes the household name.