Yahoo…The Mammals are back and we are excited that they will play for us at Bass Hall on October 20th.

"The Mammals don’t suffer from multiple genre syndrome, they celebrate it as if gleefully aware that the sound barriers separating old-timey music, vintage pop and contemporary folk are as permeable as cotton.”
- Washington Post

VIDEO: "On My Way Home” live at Humble Abode Music 

NEW SINGLE “My Baby Drinks Water"

NEW SINGLE “Lilac Breeze”

"[With] a sense of intimacy borne out of years and years of making music together, The Mammals are back and stronger than ever… The vivid imagery in 'Lilac Breeze’  definitely touches your soul."
- Folk Alley

Mike + Ruthy, touring American folk act and founders of The Mammals are bringing back the band that energized crowds in the early 2000’s and gave them their start. The Mammals were known for their rabble-rousing musical statements which sometimes caused a stir with politically divided audiences from Louisiana to Michigan. This time around, their goals remain two-fold: raise positive social awareness & have a good party! 


"The Mammals' newest tune, 'Culture War,' gets right to the heart of the fight for the American soul." - No Depression

So much more at their web site

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